New Hampshire Glass Sculptures - Unique glass garden delights
Unique recycled glass garden sculptures by popular New Hampshire artist




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New Hampshire Glass garden  Scuptures

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Whimsy in the outdoor garden with glass sculpture decorations made from modern and historical period glass pieces found in the barns, sheds, and antique/thrift shops that populate historical central New Hampshire.

Each unique, one-of-a-kind piece reflects the old Yankee core value of:

"Use it up, Wear it out,

Make it do, Or do without"

The folksy charm of these 'rustic' outdoor glass sculptures are sure to grow on you over time unlike the mass produced yard and garden ornaments found in shops and other web sites


Each  outdoor garden glass sculpture (about 2 ft tall give or take) is crafted by an 'old stock' New Hampshire folk artist. Her appreciation for color and shape, history and thrift, is reflected in each recycled piece of glassware that make up these smile causing glass sculptures.


We are proud to represent this reclusive, well established folk artist (who still doesn't own a computer) by offering this outdoor garden glass sculpture art beyond the boundaries of  New England. From time to time I've seen other similar glass garden sculptures, but they never match up to those offered here. The difference is the caliber of the artist and her artistic eye in the making of these garden glass sculptures.


On this site are outdoor pictures of glass sculptures already sold and in customer's gardens across New England. as well as pieces available for purchase.



Check back regularly for pictures of pieces available for sale.

Each Piece is priced at $175  - with insured shipping (from Pittsfield, NH) within the lower 48 States priced at $70. Prices subject to change Spring in 2014.

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Custom Outdoor Glass Sculptures for your Garden

Made Especially for You


 Engage in a personal telephone consultation between you and the artist   to begin your special glass sculpture. Prices begin at $350 plus true cost shipping costs. (this page)



Email us with your comments, suggestions, order requests (and just general feedback) - we can put you on an email list for notification of new glass sculptures too!


  Our Sculptures are featured on the website. Check out the Great Things website for handy things for your DIY spouse

Current Outdoor Glass Sculpture Creations

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New Hampshire Glass Scuptures for gardens (this page)

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New Hampshire Glass Sculptures - Unique glass garden delights
Unique recycled glass garden sculptures by popular New Hampshire artist